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ACS Gas Safe Work Portfolio Training Program

Obtaining the Gas Safe Corporation yellow logo is the benchmark for all gas engineers to adhere to.

To obtain the Gas Safe (GS) certificate requires a Gas engineer to work with an approved company in building-up a stamped portfolio of safe client work.

Many gas engineers do not have the time to spend with individuals who want to obtain the GS cert, due to the fact they have their own work to get on with ∴ it's extremely difficult for individuals to get their own jobs and build a portfolio. We partner you with an approved Gas Safe company, who will ensure you have the opportunity to become a Gas Safe engineer and build up your own approved portfolio.

Applying for the portfolio programme, you can apply for your CCN1 gas exam in as little as 6 weeks (subject to qualifications & work experience).

We want to help people to get into the industry and ensure they have the correct knowledge to become a SAFE gas engineer.

There is an easy payment plan to enable you to spread the payments over 3 weeks.

The ACS programme

you will adhere to a 3 week intensive programme working with one of our Gas Safe Engineers. Your Gas engineer will work with you for the full 3 weeks and will help you develop your portfolio by:

  • Taking photos for your portfolio work
  • helping & advising you with all the paperwork to ensure it is 100% in-order
  • Signing off your work with their gas safe number
  • You can email your designated engineer 24hr a day
  • or you can contact your Engineer by phone for advice, any time between 9AM – 5PM (Mon – Fri)

The Gas Safe course will cover the following safety points:

  • Gas Safety Legislation
  • Gas Emergency Actions and Procedures
  • Characteristics of Combustion
  • Installation of Pipework and Fittings
  • Testing for Soundness
  • Checking and/or Setting Meter Regulators
  • Identification of Unsafe Situations
  • Operation and Positions of Emergency Isolation Controls and Valves Emergency Notices and Warning Labels
  • Checking and Setting Appliance Burner Pressures and Gas Rates
  • Operation and Checking of Appliance Gas Safety Devices and Controls
  • Flueing Standards & Ventilation
  • Flue Testing
  • Installation of Open, Balanced and Fan Assisted Flue Assemblies
  • Re-establish Existing Gas Supply and Re-light Procedures

The above is a minimum commitment to you but we will always try and exceed this amount, for you to achieve your Gas Safe portfolio legal requirements

Other Gas jobs you can undertake once qualified as a Gas Safe Engineer:

  • Appliance Category
    Installations, Boilers

  • Servicing

  • General Jobs
    Landlord Gas Safety certificate


  • Pipe Defects:
    Over the course of the 3 weeks we will help you identify all pipe faults which may be detected

  • Tightness Testing:
    To ensure gas pipework, meter and appliances are safe

  • Real Gas Escape Emergencies:
    Hands-on attending real emergency call outs with a network of Gas Safe Engineers who run their own companies and are called upon in emergency calls (Subject to workload)

  • Purging:
    To carefully calculate the volume of the pipework for safe removal of all air from the system

  • Meter Regulator Settings Check:
    To test the meter regulator is working correctly.

  • Control Faults:
    Due to variety of work a gas engineer will come across, we'll try and show you what control faults to expect on a daily basis. Your gas engineer will also work in helping you understand the gas industry un-safe situations on a daily basis

  • Flue Flow Test + Spillage Tests
  • Combustion Flame Pictures
  • Gas Rates
  • Operating Pressures At Appliances
  • Ventilation Checks
  • Combustion Performance Analyser Checks

Control Faults

Due to variety of work a gas engineer will come across, we'll try and show you what control faults to expect on a daily basis.

Your gas engineer will also work in helping you understand the gas industry un-safe situations on a daily basis.

How We Ensure You Cover Every Job Required For The Portfolio?

Our network of Gas Engineers, ensure every job needed to obtain your Gas Safe portfolio certificate is covered. They also have contracts with letting agents, landlords and the general public for you to experience a wide variety of jobs. Once you have completed your approved portfolio you can go back to your training college and ask to book your CCN1 Gas exam.

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